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Online Management Fee Return

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Conditions of Use:

The act of accessing (or logging into) this system's functions means you undertake to abide by and/or agree to the following statements:


  • I am authorised to access this system.
  • I will not reveal my access details (i.e. username and password) to another person.
  • I will 'log out' of the administration pages when access is no longer required in that session.
  • I will allow the people managing this system to log my actions whilst I am logged in and record relevant details of these actions.
  • I will notify the people managing this system immediately if I become aware or suspect that my authentication details have become compromised or known to another person.


  • I will not disclose, in any way, private, confidential or commercially sensitive information that I may access within this management fee submission system unless it is necessary to comply with any government law, regulation or policy relating to the public disclosure of confidential information

Proper Use:

  • I will always use this system in a manner that is appropriate in conducting the business of management fee submission and management fee submission -related matters.
  • I will always ensure that the material I introduce to this system has been checked for "data viruses" using an up-to-date data virus-scanning tool.
  • I will never introduce any material which:
    1. defames, threatens or menaces any person; or
    2. breaches any law or regulation infringes a third party's rights; or
    3. is indecent, pornographic, or obscene


  • I will never intentionally introduce material or act in such a manner that might disrupt the use of this management fee submission system by other authorised people.
  • I will never knowingly tamper with, obstruct, or impair the availability of resources used to provide this service or attempt to do so.
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